One Degree Advisors is the merging result of a couple established financial firms; Coleman & Johnson and Strategic Financial Solutions, becoming one. I was first commissioned in early 2014 to design their new corporate identity. Above you can see the primary logo, below are other iterations and how the branding is being implemented.

In the initial brief we discussed the question of why the new merger was being called One Degree. A story of a plane traveling off course even by only 1º would in the long run miss its intended destination. It is very important to be able to explain your company to the public in a simplified manner. As lovely and factual as the airplane story was, we felt we needed something even simpler and that could be a short form explanation.

The above copy became the Official Saying Marks of the new corporation and provided a residualized and clarified understanding for the One Degree viewing audience. In 11 words, the viewer knows who the company is, what they do and why they are called One Degree.

Then I was given the opportunity to design and build Through the 
branding process I became very well acquainted with the company/target market, using that understanding we created an on target web experience. 

User experience (or Ux) is very important. The right information in the right place at the right time are vital to providing an optimal interaction. One Degree's new website are packed with fresh web functionality that is at the same time intuitively easy. Try it out for yourself,

I love (what I call) the PhotoFader on the top of the Home page. It's a powerful medium we can pack with beautiful visuals and interactions that act as a menu connecting the viewer to other vital parts of the site. I also very much like the green and black footer at the bottom of each page. It gives the user a lot of information and command capability. Each page's footer has a different insightful quote.

One of my favorite features of the site is when viewing on desktop you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green right arrow and the next page of the menu will load. Leaving your cursor in that same place and just scrolling to the bottom of the next page you will be able to tap the green arrow again, over and over through the whole site. I find this customization to be an ergonomic experience, I love the ease of this site navigation. I hope you enjoy.

March 2014 to Present, All Rights Reserved
Art Direction: Troy Hollinger  |  Photography: Taylor Abeel